Alles neu macht der Mai.

Hermann Adam von Kamp, Folk Tune
It’s spring time! ©SMU

Welcome, my dear reader, to the x-th relaunch of my website! Come in, take a seat, grab a beer, some wine or mead, and join into scientific debates, political discussions or listen to stories of countries and lands from far away. My explicit gratitude to those who participate by leaving comments, criticism and ideas. Otherwise, just lean back and enjoy the ride!

So it seems you are interested in some background. This website (weblog, blog, whatever you might call it) has been established in 2007 – in almost ancient times, considering the age of the internet. It has accompanied me through school and A-levels, three major studies at university and will now support my PhD dissertation.

In times where even politicians seem addicted to short message services like Twitter, I feel the urgent need for some space on the internet to share longer, more complex thoughts. Have you ever tried to discuss a political topic in detail over a whole series of tweets? Do you really have the feeling that a social media platform like Facebook is a serious place to discuss scientific research? Me neither. I love to expand my thoughts, to support my arguments with facts or explanations, such that people don’t automatically misinterpret my words. No better place for that than a personal website!

Over the years, my page has undergone multiple relaunches, sometimes just visually, sometimes the full content. This time, I will try to cover my personal fields of interest in a more structured way. Let’s see how that works!

With these words, I wish you a pleasant time on my site and don’t hesitate to come back anytime soon!