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Weekly Page: Süddeutsche Zeitung | S-Bahn in Szene gesetzt

Languages: German

Explanation: Two years ago I participated in a media informatics course which should improve our project competence with multimedia projects. In 2013, the S-Bahn in Munich celebrated their 40th anniversary. So our goal as photographers was to go out and to shoot some amazing pictures of everything which might be related to the S-Bahn: trains, stations, people working over their, landscape, rails, escalators. This really has been an amazing chance, as usually you are not allowed to take pictures on the station. And we had a couple of days to look for stunning views and to experiment with different situations.

In the end our images were magnified and publicly auctioned, supporting a social project by German actor Jutta Speidel. Quite an event just for some ECTS and gaining project competence, isn’t it?

Just one last addition: All of us took several beautiful pictures and we reviewed all of them to find out the best ones. But in the end Deutsche Bahn or rather the co-working PR department chose the final pics. I have no idea about why they chose those pictures and left out some of the most brilliant ones. Nontheless, customer’s the boss, right? It’s a pity I am not allowed to show my very own pictures to you right here, but at least I did one single shot which is completely stunning to me.

How I Got There: Well, obviously I am part of this article, right? I did not even recognise it. I was working at the Egyptological Institute when someone came in and told me that I would be in press. Again. Still it’s pretty cool to read your own name in public. I could get used to it. 😉

The place where you are happy is #dahoam15

In my scientific life I have been to a couple of conferences. Most of them were about Egyptology, as you can imagine. Important people speaking about recent archaeological excavations, presenting new theoretical work or showing off their newest corpora of papyri and other amazing stuff made by the Ancient Egyptians. Nothing is better than to visit such gatherings of scientists. This is the time and place to gain information about the current state of the art in your specific subject and to meet other people loving your favorite topics.

Today I have been to a developers conference – the Daho.am. Not much of an English name, but nonetheless very international: Bavarian. Let me give you a brief summary of this amazing event and my feelings about it.

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Code for München – Open Hack Day

After having participated in the app@night hackathon last week (they call themselves the largest hackathon in all Europe, by the way, even though I do not have any possibility to verify that) I found another interesting event to show up the next weeks. It is called “Code for München – Open Hack Day” and will last just one day. The goal: create some mobile or web application using big data and concerning one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Munich. Again there were no restrictions like required programming abilities, each team would possibily need some creative heads as well, not only those coders able to realize everything. Though I am not quite sure if I already meet the requirements to build up nice and useful applications from scratch in just a few hours, I am really into the idea writing algorithms and programmes to ease up oder improve life in Munich via small digital helpers. So let’s be curious about the outcome! Of course I will inform you in detail afterwards. The event will be at the Kunstpark on Saturday, November 29th.

app@night – hackathon at LMU Munich

This weekend will be full of work for me – work here being coding, hacking, learning about new technology. Why that? Because this weekend there will be a hackathon at my university, the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, called “app@night“. As I have never participated in any hackathon before, I am not really qualified to explain what that might be. As far as I understood, hackathons are coding events, most times lasting for one day or one week at its best, aiming to learn about coding, to work with other people and to find out about new technology, new frameworks, new programming languages (here the link to the English wikipedia entry). Our specific hackathon will last for the whole weekend and includes several programmes concerning mobile development, especially Google Glass, Android smartwatches or iOS, to mention just some of them. There has been no restriction to students of computer science, so I guess there will be people with quite heterogene background. I am really excited about our task, our group (at least I already know 2 out of 5) and, of course, the outcome. We will be working with Google Glass, and I am really, really excited to put my hands on one of these devices! 🙂