Equality YES

Dear German readers, there is a German version of this text as well.

Ireland is awesome. The first country which legalised same-sex-marriage by public vote. Considering the Irish situation 20 years ago, this is an enormous development. As media said, back in 1993 homosexuality has been prosecuted! Damn, all Europeans have to be in awe of these mental changes. The best thing about the Irish voting: there is no loser. All those people (especially members of the church) who tried to prohibit a modern legal situation stay unharmed. They are not forced to marry people of their sex. They are not even forced to marry at all. Life will remain the very same. But for all those lesbian, gay, queer people out there in Ireland, who love and want to share their lives with their respective partners just the way all heterosexual people do, for all those people a new and colorful life arises. There could not have been any other result on Saturday, and Ireland did recognize that. Awesome.

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#ESC – Debriefing

First things first: the final of the Eurovision Songcontest on Saturday was amazing. Austria and Vienna did their very best to celebrate some brilliant musical event, and they succeeded. However, some German journalists were kinda upset, thought this year’s ESC to be too serious and not kitchy enough. But for me, Eurovision is finally growing up. There have been fantastic performers on stage, we had some friendly and capable hosts. And we had Conchita Wurst, outstanding as last year. I did watch the whole show while being connected to Twitter and my beloved followers, and it might have been one of the best evenings 2015. At this points greetings and hugs to my followers!

And hell yeah, I was able to listen to tremendous songs! Think of Maraaya from Slovenia with her creative headphones. Or about Aserbaidschan, having this mousy singer Elnur Hüseynov with his enormous voice. Remember party animal Guy Sebastian from Australia with his extremely catchy good mood song. Each time I listen to it, I simply have to dance across my room. And – of course – keep in mind brilliant, super cute and super dancing Loïc Nottet from Belgium. Even though I will not spend the rest of this article to praise his contribution, he has been my personal number one. Brilliant. Enough said.

Instead of unneccessary praise let me say some words about our German entry. Poor Ann-Sophie did not just only do the last place (together with host Austria). Both didn’t receive a single point from anyone of those 40 countries which were able to vote. Which is highly unintelligible to me. But this year we had very strong competitors and a big round of 27 performers. Only the best 10 countries in each list receive points. Theoretically it might be that Germany has been on position 11 on each list – resulting in 0 points in the end. This whole system seems to be a little bit outdated to me, but Eurovision is reforming it every now and then. Sadly there seems to be a lot of political decision underlying the musical competition.

Again, this is not my point. I am angry about the public German reaction to the voting. Now people are yelling at our singer, indicating that her song and her performance were bad and we could never have won with such a song. Let’s pretend she would have made the first place. She now would be Germany’s hero. As long as someone is successful, people accept him or her. One single failure – and you are doomed. In most cases probably by those people who did not even follow the German pre-contest.

I would prefer another mental reaction. Why not say “Hey, this year’s performance did not work that well, so let us get in touch and discuss about WHY it did not work? And let us find another performance for next year to be able to win!” This should be the reaction of a social society. Not dooming someone. And this is typical for Germany as a whole. People having failed are not accepted. But there is noone out there who does not have to learn – and sometimes, just as with the ESC, it is not your choice whether you fail win. Unlike Andreas Kümmert who felt the ESC to be too much pressure on his shoulders (some decision which is very reasonable), Ann-Sophie dared to go to Vienna. She went on stage and performed for Germany and in front of millions and billions of people watching. Come on guys, this is awesome! This young lady is 24 years old, and she did some great job. So hold back your anger and rethink about the original thought of Eurovision. Build bridges. And enjoy astonishing musical acts!

[GER] Andrew Shei – Realitäten

Dear international readers,

this article is about a short story written by myself – and in German. It is about my new Shadowrun character and the try to rediscover my writing skills. Unfortunately there will no English translation. At least not anytime soon. Thank you for your understanding!


Shadowrun. Wir schreiben das Jahr 2075. Vor über 60 Jahren endete die Fünfte Welt – und die Magie kehrte zurück in unser Leben. Menschen, Elfen, Zwerge, Orks und Trolle. Magier mit mächtigen Zaubersprüchen, Straßensamurai mit Pistolen, Gewehren und Baseballschlägern. Bleichgesichtige Technikfreaks in den Untiefen der Matrix. Sie alle kämpfen tagtäglich um das Überleben in einer Welt zwischen Verbrechen und Konzerngeschäften. Der Runner erledigt schmutzige Aufträge gegen eine saftige Bezahlung – falls er überlebt.

Die nachfolgende Geschichte erzählt von Andrew Shei, einem asiatischen Decker aus Seattle. Nicht jeder meiner Leser wird sich in der düsteren Welt von Shadowrun auskennen, vielleicht deshalb auch nicht alles verstehen. Ich hoffe trotzdem, dass euch dieser erste kleine Einblick gefällt. Wenn ihr mehr von Andrew Shei und anderen Runnern lesen wollt, lasst es mich wissen – Kommentare sind mehr als erwünscht! Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

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#ESC-Finals incoming!

Just little more than 24 hours until one of the most important TV events in Europe: the finals of the Eurovision Songcontest 2015, formerly known as Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson. I have been watching this show for more than 20 years now, and it won’t be a big surprise, but the Eurovision Songcontest has had its ups and downs. Especially the awarding of scores gave much occasion to changes in the last years, as the Central European countries felt underprivileged. And additionally the contest is known for being utterly kitchy and fancy. This should not hide the fact that the ESC is some brilliant flagship for European unity. No, really. Just think of it. There are so many countries participating, sending their best singers and songwriters to show whole Europe and the world their musical abilities! Give it a try and listen to it. Because ESC is the sound of diversity being put together and creating something big. ESC is, how Europe has to be seen: a huge amount of diversity living and working together. An important statement in recent times, when Europe and the EU seem to be downgraded to economic questions and decisions.

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Why I stopped writing

I just remembered that I had never given any explanation for my silence the last couple months. The reason is quite simple: I had so much work to do that there was no creative room left to write texts. Whether in German nor in English. Adding the fact that I need quite a lot more time to write down English thoughts, I simply stopped being motivated to write. And writing without any motivation is a bad thing to do. Especially as it is a hobby, not (yet) a job. I cannot promise to be more regular in the next weeks, but I try to. Anyhow, by subscribing to my blog on the right or following me on facebook, twitter or google+, you will always be informed about new entries just the moment they are being put online. Thank you for reading me! You are the best!

Measles in 2015 – scientific flop?

We are living in 2015. Berlin is ill with measles. Which already seems to be some kind of fictional news, thinking of the original goal to completely wipe out this disease until 2010, as said by the WHO, the World Health Organization. Obviously we missed this specific goal. Anyway, how is it possible that in the 21st century people are still ill with a disease which could quite easily be exterminated by vaccinating people?

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Digital freedom – a double-edged sword

The World Wide Web is a fascinating technology. Many articles have already been written about its numerous advantages and all of you are experiencing them every single day. And right this moment, otherwise you would not be able to read my lines. So I am not the one to repeat all of its aspects. Let me just give a brief summary to introduce into my very own topic. With the internet, one is able to look up information in literally seconds – determined of course by the band-width of your internet connection. You are able to stay connected with people all over the world. Organizing appointments, parties, and projects has never been easier. You can use the digital technologies to improve your knowledge, to work and earn money, to play, or to idle. Some people even do all of these things at the same time. Lucky guys. All in all the internet is a gift.

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