[NOT SOLVED] Documentation: Bluescreens with ntoskrnl.exe

Abstract: This is a consistently updated summary of diagnoses and test results for my computer, which currently suffers from heavy bluescreens. It shall provide myself some place to sort my investigations, and may help others who have similar problems. Suggestions and advices are always welcome!

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[GER] Der Protest der Selbstgerechten

Abstract: Germany, Hamburg, G20 summit – and the city burns in flames. So-called “activists” run through the streets and damage windows, cars, set fires, throw stones at policemen – while some metres away the 20 mightiest national leaders sit together, trying to calm down the world’s situation. Why I cannot understand the protests at all.

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United Kingdom – A Divided Country Leading Nowhere

Abstract: June 8 ,2017 – the United Kingdom was voting. A sudden and surprising general election was supposed to back Prime Minister Theresa May, giving her a strong mandate for her negotiations with Brussels, regarding Brexit. Her plan backfired – and now the United Kingdom is even more miserable. My personal timeline of the events and how I see the future of the United Kingdom.

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I’m Living Inside of Bubbles

Abstract: Some people in Germany look over the ocean – and see a paradise of freedom. Compared to the German media, the American news sites and papers are so much more independent! Unfortunately, this perspective is driven by bubbles – a lot of bubbles. And the respective people do not even want to leave their bubbles. Tasty bubbles. So tasty!

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The second day in a row I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. I feel the urgent need to write something, to express my feelings, to share anything – and still, I cannot. I mean, what could somebody possibly say to those parents, siblings, friends, partners of those who were torn out of our community? 22 young people. How could my grief, my tears help anybody who lost their most important people? I’ve already said it on Twitter, and I need to repeat it here – there are no appropriate words, and no thought seems enough at all.

Life must go on. And some people seemingly have no problems to immediately get on with their lives. 22 young people lost their lives, killed by a coward and inhuman creature. But those people just move on. Don’t get me wrong, please. I don’t expect them to wear black for months. Nonetheless, it feels somehow wrong if people write about their daily thoughts not even 24 hours after the bombing. It feels wrong if my news about Manchester are disturbed by messages about the TV programme, by pictures of dinners, by cats, dogs, hamsters or any other happy mood. It feels wrong if people laugh about bombing jokes.

Actually, I am very torn here. There are some good reasons just to move on, to not let such brutal happenings influence your life. First, it won’t change anything. Me sitting here, crying, won’t bring back anybody. It will not help those who lost people. It will not help me, either. Second, we need to stay strong. The best weapon against terrorism is to hold up our free and liberal lives. We must not give in and change our lives to avoid such attacks. The destruction of liberal societies is their main goal, and they will not succeed. Third, we cannot spend endless times in grief, when such events become more and more regular. We are getting used to it. Which is a cruel, a horrible truth.

But is it really good not to show any grief at all? Subsequent to the horrible deed, Manchester hold a vigil. Powerful, emotional pictures were spread all over the world, showing a city which has been attacked – and stays strong. United. Yes, they – and we all – cry for the dead, but at the same time we affirm our social collective. Participating in the global shock and the grief means to participate in our unwritten community of human values. At some point, political disagreements have no value anymore, human values are much stronger.

Still, I am torn. How to react? What to say? What to do?

Still, my words are not sufficient…



The chance to do things you always wanted to do.


The opportunity to do things you don’t want to do.


The option to not do things others want you to do.


The possibility to do things you shouldn’t do.

Freedom. To break the rules.