Once we are born, we are put into a mysterious world full of adventures. A world filled with marvellous environments: forests, flowery meadows, endless mountains, vast seas. The one thing we have to do: we need to follow our path, even though we have no clue where to go.

Every journey has phases. Sometimes, you walk through a field full of colorful flowers, you breathe in and spring itself jumps into your lungs. That’s life! Except, of course, if you are allergic. Another time, you find yourself in a gigantic forest, while the sun rays break through the leaves and you look up to huge trees so old that they probably could tell you the story of this world. Well, and sometimes, you have to climb a mountain, as cold and rocky as you can imagine. It is hard to get a grip and more than once you almost fall. But you make it to the top – or to another valley.

It is never easy to follow a path when you have no clue about the destination. So, whenever you reach a crossroad, the question arises: where should you go? Shall I turn left? Shall I turn right? Which path will lead me to my goal? What is my goal? Which way will be easier? Or more pleasant? More enjoyable? Will the right path make me swim across the sea? Will the left path fill my heart with sadness?

We could argue now. Is it YOUR choice when you decide to follow the right path? Or is it fate. Maybe God? It doesn’t matter. That’s one of those philosophical problems we could talk about for ages, and depending on your personal point of view, it would be very hard to convince you of anything else. The good thing about it: it doesn’t matter. You may want to take the full responsibility for your deeds. Or you may want to shift the responsibility to somebody else – fate. Or a mystical entity you’ve never met in your life. All is fine.

We are not alone in this world. There are many subjects trying to follow their path. And from time to time, we meet such subjects. Some of them are just neutral, they say “Hello!”, nod their head, and move on. Others may stop and have a little chat with us. Some of them will agree to share the path with us. They might tell us inspirational things, or give us some hints for the rest of our journey. Or they might try to lead us into nowhere. Some of them walk ahead, but they stop and look back to make sure we are not struggling. If we are really lucky, there is somebody who decides to make our path his or her own. Going with us. Lending us a hand, their ears, their eyes, their good mood.

However, no matter how close we grow to anybody, how intimate we get, in the end, our path and our destination are our own. Nothing is better than to share a journey, to find friends, to find love. But in the end, you will only succeed as long as you are willing and capable of doing the way on your own. Don’t forget how to walk just because somebody carries you. Don’t stop looking forward just because somebody has always warned you about stones.

Life is a path, a journey, forward into an unknown territory. You may stop, you may look back at the wonderful things you have seen in the past. Don’t try to go back. Don’t try to bring them back. They are gone. For now. Though, they might show up again, depending on your path. Look back and take your experiences as a source of strength and knowledge for everything ahead of you.

Life is an adventurous path. Let’s face it!