[GER] Die Wahrheit ist tot

Abstract: Maybe we currently live the end of the information era we’ve known so far. Politicians spread lies and call other facts “fake news”. Algorithms create artificial versions of speeches, images, videos. We – internet users, citizens, human beings – lose our ability to distinguish truth from lies. Is this the end of a fundamental basis of human societies: trust?

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[NOT SOLVED] Documentation: Bluescreens with ntoskrnl.exe

Abstract: This is a consistently updated summary of diagnoses and test results for my computer, which currently suffers from heavy bluescreens. It shall provide myself some place to sort my investigations, and may help others who have similar problems. Suggestions and advices are always welcome!

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2nd Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon

Abstract: The last two days I participated in a public event called “hackathon“. First of all, I will prevent a brief summary of what a hackathon is, for all of you who have never attended one. And second I will sum up our work of the last two days and stress out the fantastic results. Hope you enjoy the read!

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Lost in Updates

Abstract: Operating systems, programmes, games, apps – all these applications need updates. While people had to update their software by themselves in the past, many updates are now installed without even anyone noticing it. Sometimes it’s even worse – companies do not inform about their changes any longer. Is that some bright and autonomous future?

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