[GER] Der Protest der Selbstgerechten

Abstract: Germany, Hamburg, G20 summit – and the city burns in flames. So-called “activists” run through the streets and damage windows, cars, set fires, throw stones at policemen – while some metres away the 20 mightiest national leaders sit together, trying to calm down the world’s situation. Why I cannot understand the protests at all.

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United Kingdom – A Divided Country Leading Nowhere

Abstract: June 8 ,2017 – the United Kingdom was voting. A sudden and surprising general election was supposed to back Prime Minister Theresa May, giving her a strong mandate for her negotiations with Brussels, regarding Brexit. Her plan backfired – and now the United Kingdom is even more miserable. My personal timeline of the events and how I see the future of the United Kingdom.

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I’m Living Inside of Bubbles

Abstract: Some people in Germany look over the ocean – and see a paradise of freedom. Compared to the German media, the American news sites and papers are so much more independent! Unfortunately, this perspective is driven by bubbles – a lot of bubbles. And the respective people do not even want to leave their bubbles. Tasty bubbles. So tasty!

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Discussions on Nuclear Power Plants

Today, the Swiss population has made a decision: 58.2% of the people said “Yes!” to a new energy law. As far as I’ve understood it, it will forbid the construction of additional nuclear power plants in the future, plus provide financial support and encouragement for regenerative energies. The consumption of energy shall be reduced drastically – the goal is half of the usage of 2000 in 2035. In a world becoming more and more crowded, with more and more countries using modern technologies and thus consuming energy, this seems quite reasonable.

The discussions, though, about this topic are very emotional. Especially fans of nuclear power tend to combine their facts and arguments with direct attacks. Switzerland will have to shower with cold water in the future. No more power from their sockets. Insecure supply with electricity. The nuclear lobby loses no time to tell Switzerland that their little country is doomed forever. Another famous argument: Why shut down modern and safe power plants while other countries – e.g. France – leave their insecure ones running? Nuclear radiation will not stop due to borders. Less electricity, which has to be imported, high costs, no use at all – the new energy law seems to be to biggest catastrophe in Swiss energy politics.

The other way round, opponents of nuclear power are not very reasonable as well. Especially the German quickshot after Fukushima seems highly suspicious – comparing German or Swiss power plants with Japanese ones, where multiple earthquakes make earth and buildings tremble… well, I guess there are some differences here. In Germany, we decided to get out of nuclear power as soon as possible. Without spending a single thought on where to get our electricity in the future. Buying it from France? Transporting the wind energy from the northern shores to the south via huge connection lines? What about the ecological pressure wind turbines do on creatures like birds? What about the problem that regenerative energy is highly dependent on the weather, while our capacities to store energy are far from advanced? How to explain anybody that we return to coal burning while we assumed to do more FOR the nature?

What is your opinion – is nuclear power a good way to go? Shall we abolish it and concentrate on finding better ways of producing energy? What would be your perfect energy source in the future? And – what would have to happen for you to change your opinion?