Weekly Pages #5

Weekly Page: The British Museum

Languages: English, Chinese, Arabic

Explanation: This is the website of the best museum in the world. Seriously. I have been there two times, one time with my fellow students of Egyptology, the other time alone during my holidays. Well, that’s not quite correct: I went there two times, but I spent a bunch of days in their exhibitions. As we are talking about one of the most famous museums in London, they do have enormous amounts of fantastic objects, and a lot of “must have seen”s. For example the famous Stone of Rosetta which helped Jean-François Champollion in 1822 to decipher the Egyptian hieroglyphs.

I could spend much more time to praise this museum, but I wanted to talk about the website. This is how a modern museum should present its objects. The most convenient thing: You can browse their antiquities and read more information about it, look at high quality photographies and be ensured that this information is written by proper scientists. During my studies I sometimes had to visit this site to gain information about specific objects. I absolutely disagree with all those museum people who don’t want to put their display on the internet saying that people shall come in person to see their stuff. This is a great opportunity for potential visitors to inform themselves about what you got, what your objects are about, to read further information – things you cannot do while standing in the exhibition. Or maybe you just remember some object you saw during your visit and want to look it up – here you are!

There is a lot more content in this page than just ancient items. Give it a try and check it out!

By the way, quite important to me as a media computer scientist as well: The page is super fancy! I really love to browse it. Good job, British Museum, damn good job.

How I Got There: Well, that’s obvious, isn’t it? Before I had the chance to go to London for the first time, I had to prepare a little presentation about a specific group of Egyptian objects displayed in the British Museum. That’s the common way of preparing excursions, as there is so much to see that we cannot afford to use the little time in London to gather information. Even though the British Museum provides a lot of fantastic publications about their objects, sometimes looking them up in the internet is much more convenient. And most articles provide a publication hint for further research.

Sorry if I sound too much like a fanboy, but – hey, it’s the British Museum! BM forever! Now go and enjoy the website!

Weekly Pages #4

Weekly Page: Süddeutsche Zeitung | S-Bahn in Szene gesetzt

Languages: German

Explanation: Two years ago I participated in a media informatics course which should improve our project competence with multimedia projects. In 2013, the S-Bahn in Munich celebrated their 40th anniversary. So our goal as photographers was to go out and to shoot some amazing pictures of everything which might be related to the S-Bahn: trains, stations, people working over their, landscape, rails, escalators. This really has been an amazing chance, as usually you are not allowed to take pictures on the station. And we had a couple of days to look for stunning views and to experiment with different situations.

In the end our images were magnified and publicly auctioned, supporting a social project by German actor Jutta Speidel. Quite an event just for some ECTS and gaining project competence, isn’t it?

Just one last addition: All of us took several beautiful pictures and we reviewed all of them to find out the best ones. But in the end Deutsche Bahn or rather the co-working PR department chose the final pics. I have no idea about why they chose those pictures and left out some of the most brilliant ones. Nontheless, customer’s the boss, right? It’s a pity I am not allowed to show my very own pictures to you right here, but at least I did one single shot which is completely stunning to me.

How I Got There: Well, obviously I am part of this article, right? I did not even recognise it. I was working at the Egyptological Institute when someone came in and told me that I would be in press. Again. Still it’s pretty cool to read your own name in public. I could get used to it. 😉

Weekly Pages #3

This time with a little delay, I know – I am very sorry. The last couple days were horrible, much work, even more sun and me being tired all time. At least I DID remember to find a new weekly page this week – and trust me, it is a masterpiece! 🙂

Weekly Page: Parapluesch (and the game itself)

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Corean

Explanation: This website contains a little game about some plush toys who had to suffer severe mental stress by their former owners. But Dr. Kindermann and you will help those little patients to retain and regain their amazing power of plushy cuteness. Will you be able to help them?

How I Got There: Wow, I have no idea. I’ve known this webpage for such a long time. It is one of those few pages I never put in any of my bookmark lists, but I come back every now and then. It may not be an adventurous, exciting action game, but it presents a new idea. I love it. Give it a try. And let me know about your opinion in my commentary section! Enjoy!

Weekly Pages #2

Weekly Page: Fatima Yarie | The Personal Style Blog

Languages: English, German

Explanation: Fatima is fashion addicted, fashion-conscious, beautiful, and able to express herself. Best preconditions to create a blog about fashion, right? The blog itself is quite fancy with all its graphical features – there is a lot of responsive elements, fancy animations when you hover over the images and so on. From a user experience perspective I’d say it is a little bit too cluttered. But hey, that is fashion!

How I Got There: Now that is an interesting question, as I am not addicted to fashion, especially not to female fashion. The answer is quite simple: I’ve known Fatima in person for a very long time now. After school we had lost a little bit sight of each other, but once I met her again and took notice about her blog, I was impressed. Quite a good reason for me to make her page my Weekly Page number two! Hey there, Fatima, fancy blog and fantastic, magnificent, beautiful pictures!

Weekly Pages #1

It is Monday, 00:09 am. In the last couple years, throughout the history of my blog, I have tried several times to introduce some regularly published content. Like weekly news, monthly “Woman of the Month” and so on.  I never succeeded as I always forgot about it. Today I give it another try, starting with “Weekly Pages”, a name which might change in the future once I find a better one.

The World Wide Web is so wide these days, there are so many fantastic web pages out there, that I want to share some of my personal favorites with you. 4 a month, 52 a year, every Monday. Each time with the respective hyperlink, some explanation and how I got to that specific page.

Weekly Page: Arbabat | Lerne die Zukunft aus der Vergangenheit

Languages: German

Explanation: A friend and Egyptologist started to blog about this and that. Ancient Egyptian culture, experiences as a museum educator, roleplay gaming, Star Trek – there is a broad range of topics so far and I am pretty sure there will be a couple more in the future. If you are able and willing to read German – give it a try, as Arbabat has an extremely entertaining style of writing.

How I Got There: Personal links. I know the author in person and might be a little bit complicit in making her start her own blog. Blogosphere is still alive! And I definitely appreciate other people sharing their interesting thoughts. So what about you – blogging already? Wanna have a “Weekly Page” as well? 😉