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A list of autocompletions done by the Google algorithm when entering the search query "Twitter is..."

Twitter is Toxic

Five accounts, tens of thousands of tweets, hundreds of followers, and so much grey hair – I’ve come a long way with Twitter since my first “real” start in 2012. Back then, Twitter has not been the widely cited and well-known short message platform we all know today. Instead, it used to be a platform for a very delightful set of people willing to share and express their thoughts or happenings in miniature messages (140

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2018 – Blog Relaunch

Welcome, my dear readers! Welcome to a new and refreshed version of my personal weblog, my private internet presence, my digital place for texts longer than 240 characters. Since 2007, when this blog had been initiated, there have been so many relaunches and redesigns, both visually and content-wise. I guess, from time to time I need to clear the board and start all over again. So here we go – an emptied board to spread

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