Little Cuteness

Just a brief little update as I do not really have much time and topics to write about these days. But I decided to go back to one of my beloved hobbies: photography. Especially macro photography. As there is so much beauty in the little details of our world. So look forward to more pictures of mine every now and then, folks!


Well, guys, you know that I am an Egyptologist, right? And I do not know a single Egyptologist without at least some kitchy items at home. Little statues spread across the flat, touristic papyri on the walls which are sold everywhere in Egypt, games with Egyptian themes – there seems to be an indefinite market for such merchandise. And even though I am not that much into decorational items, even I myself have quite some objects standing around me just this moment.

One month ago a friend and fellow Egyptologist, Roxane, decided to create her very own social media hashtag: #EgyptAtHome. People shall show all their Egyptian stuff and share these fantastic ideas all over the internet. Great idea, I think! So I happily invite all my readers to join and make some pictures of those brilliant little kitchy thingies. If you need more information, you can visit the website of the Egyptian Museum Munich anytime.

So here is a very little selection of my Egyptian items. Enjoy!

Weekly Pages #4

Weekly Page: Süddeutsche Zeitung | S-Bahn in Szene gesetzt

Languages: German

Explanation: Two years ago I participated in a media informatics course which should improve our project competence with multimedia projects. In 2013, the S-Bahn in Munich celebrated their 40th anniversary. So our goal as photographers was to go out and to shoot some amazing pictures of everything which might be related to the S-Bahn: trains, stations, people working over their, landscape, rails, escalators. This really has been an amazing chance, as usually you are not allowed to take pictures on the station. And we had a couple of days to look for stunning views and to experiment with different situations.

In the end our images were magnified and publicly auctioned, supporting a social project by German actor Jutta Speidel. Quite an event just for some ECTS and gaining project competence, isn’t it?

Just one last addition: All of us took several beautiful pictures and we reviewed all of them to find out the best ones. But in the end Deutsche Bahn or rather the co-working PR department chose the final pics. I have no idea about why they chose those pictures and left out some of the most brilliant ones. Nontheless, customer’s the boss, right? It’s a pity I am not allowed to show my very own pictures to you right here, but at least I did one single shot which is completely stunning to me.

How I Got There: Well, obviously I am part of this article, right? I did not even recognise it. I was working at the Egyptological Institute when someone came in and told me that I would be in press. Again. Still it’s pretty cool to read your own name in public. I could get used to it. 😉

Bachelor-Thesis T-140. The challenge is on.

17th June 2015. Today I submitted my registration for a bachelor thesis in media informatics. It took me quite some time to find a topic, but in the end I succeeded. And this topic really seems to have been made for me! In my thesis I will try to find a proper way to visualise the metadata which is stored in photographs, like the recording time, geolocational information, technical data about camera and lens, aperture and focal distance etc. There is a whole bunch of information saved in these images, but usually we don’t read them all.

But if you love taking pictures, just like I do, maybe one day you will have some questions on your images. Is there a particular time, some specific equipment, are there special settings on your camera which provide better pictures? Is there any chance to find out more about your personal behavior as a photographer? Is it even possible to recognise your pictures just by analysing the metadata? Or could they give you some hint about the equipment you should bring along next time? Is there some equipment you never use? Or even some you should never use again?

As you can see, the work will consist of two aspects: some graphical programming to present the metadata for a set of images in a nice, intuitive way. Buzzword: usability. Thus I will have to implement some server-client architecture, the server to analyse and process the metadata and the client to enter the images and to show the visualisation. The other aspect would be some statistical approach to read more information out of your pictures. Statistics really *can* reveal the deeper dependencies of numbers. Yet I don’t know whether or not there will be a positive outcome – is it really possible to recognise a photographer by his metadata? Of course without just reading the “author”-section of an image. 😉

140 days. FunFact: In 9 days, on 26th June 2015, it’ll be 2 years since my last “final examination” at university. Back then in 2013 I had my oral exams in Egyptology. Seems to be a good foundation for the next step. 😉