The chance to do things you always wanted to do.


The opportunity to do things you don’t want to do.


The option to not do things others want you to do.


The possibility to do things you shouldn’t do.

Freedom. To break the rules.


We were natural.
Have always been.
A you. A me. An us.
You tell me. I tell you. We tell us.
And laugh.

We were natural.
And you told me it would never change.
I told you, I wouldn’t care.
You told me. I told you. We told us.
We laughed.

We were natural.
But then you took.
And me, I gave.
I told you. I told you. I told you.
You laughed.

I left.

Creation of a Column

These days I try to properly learn to work with Autodesk’s Maya 2016. Though this is a rather mighty and powerful 3D-modelling programme used e.g. for several cinema productions, it’s not easy to handle. Best preconditions to get my attention!

Today I want to share a rather small project, just some column. I think it took me about an hour to create everything, though I spent a lot of time posting pics on twitter as well. Hope you enjoy the result! Have a nice day, lads!

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Das Ei

Das Ei

ist rund.
Es rollt und treibt.
Es sinkt und steigt.
Mal bunt, mal weiß.
Mal kalt, mal heiß.
Das Ei ist weg, im Schnee versteckt,
gesucht, gestohlen, bemalet, gefunden,
vom glänzenden Auge, ob Kind, Frau, ob Mann,
so vieles bewirken sonst kaum etwas kann.

Außer dem Nikolaus.

Registration – now with Audio Track

Good news, folks! A couple of days ago I wrote my German short story “Registration“, which is about a young (?) man being enforced to go to his civil registration where they know EVERYTHING about his life. I kind of like the story, and thus I decided to do a “read through”. Unfortunately, and due to my lack of English skills, I won’t be able to translate the story. But at least you can listen to me while I am reading it. Thanks for reading my blog and now happy getting the creeps because of this strange voice acting. 😉 ENJOY!

Es brennt

Es brennen die Dörfer, die Städte, die Kirchen,
die Kränze, die Kerzen am Baum und am Tisch.
Es brennt auch die Seele der Menschen und Tiere
es brennen die Bücher, der Hut und die Luft.
Es brennt in den Ländern, Gemeinden und Städten,
es brennt lichterloh, gewollt oder nicht.

Ich blicke hinaus auf das Brennen der Straßen
und frage mich schüchtern: Wer löscht? Ich bins nicht.

[Story] Registration

Abstract: A little German story about a young person somewhen in the future who needs to survive his registration procedure. But besides all the advantages of modern technology, some aspects turn out to be rather troublesome…

Die Geschichte gibt es jetzt auch als Hörgeschichte – einfach auf Play drücken und vor der schrecklichen Stimme gruseln. Viel Vergnügen!

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