About this blog

Stephan M. Unter – look back, step forward.

You may have noticed my title and subtitle on top of this page. And these words describe all the thoughts I had when starting this blog. And there is some basic difference to all my blogs I have written so far (the first one started in 2007):

  • Stephan M. Unter – my real and full name. I never felt confident enough to sign my articles with my real name. People always make you think about the possible implications. What if some potential employer will read your articles and dislike your opinion, your style? Maybe it’ll cost you opportunities. I disagree. Everyone can read my name on top of this blog. I have to make sure that I can sign every word I write and speak. Being anonymous in the internet makes it easy to express your opinion without taking care of the truth or other people’s feelings. Furthermore, I got the feeling that my texts are readable, they enjoy people. So why not sign them with my name. Yes, I am aware that there is no necessity for me to justify this decision. But it has been an important step for me to make that decision.
  • Look back, step forward – first, those are English words. The last 7 years I’ve written almost all of my texts in German. And I am quite confident about my personal ability to express myself in my mother tongue. But what about English, our universal language? There is a big difference between reading and understanding English articles in the internet and to express yourself in your very own words. Many people are even afraid to use English as they feel they would be not good enough. As if anyone would be interested in mistakes. Again, this has been some enormous decision, to change my writing language. And I am still learning, improving. Maybe one day I will be able to write literary texts in English and people won’t notice my German background. That would be fantastic.The other implication in my subtitle is the general range of my articles.

    Look back – of course this is some reference to myself being an Egyptologist. I love ancient history, I love talking and thinking about the past. Looking back and trying to understand the developments humanity has made is really important to me. History is ubiquitous and some foundation to our current lives. Have you ever seen the big eyes of astonished children learning about ancient cultures? All those questions, their tries to understand religious and mental believes which are seemingly so far away. They are not. History and culture are awesome.

    Step forward – another reference to myself. As computer scientist, I have to deal with modern technology, to write new programmes to improve and ease up our daily lives. To create new possibilities, new worlds. Our digital world is changing every day, develops in incredible speed. I never had the feeling that studying the past would be enough for me. People need to have perspectives, something to work for. We are not just living our daily lives. We all together try to understand, to improve ourselves and to make our lives wonderful. Thus we need modern technologies, showing us new worlds.

    This being the thematic scope, there is a broad range of possible topics.

I deeply hope that you, my dear readers, will have fun and joy to read my thoughts. There is no regular date for me to write new postings. Sometimes there is nothing I could speak of. And other times I drown in work. If you expect me to be a daily writer, I will have to disappoint you. Nonetheless I invite you to subscribe to my blog somewhere in the sidebar, just next to this text. Afterwards I will inform you about new articles via email. And I really appreciate every comment on my articles, no matter which language. If you do have ideas how to further improve my writing, my blog, or if you want to ask me to write about some specific topic, feel free to comment or write me some mail. Never forget – getting in touch with me is the best inspiration you could give me back.