[GER] Der Journalismus verglüht zum PR-Tool

Abstract: More and more people criticise the work of journalists. Not all of that criticism is correct and understandable – and certain groups of people are more than interested to destroy the free press. Nonetheless, journalism failed to reach the 21st century. They even failed to fulfill their original task. They became a simple tool for others to spread their opinion. But they could do better!

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What exactly is… tabletop roleplay gaming?

Abstract: Roleplay gaming has multiple natures. Youngsters know them as multiplayer games, like World of Warcraft. Very nerdy guys and gals know that there are LARP-groups (Live Action RolePlaying), where you have to slip into your medieval clothing and embody some character by yourself. I guess, there are even some grown-up interpretations. 😉 Today, I want to give you some very basic introduction to tabletop roleplaying, one of my favourite hobbies. What is it? What do you need? How do you get a group? And why am I spending so much money and time into it?

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